About The Loss Control Department

LossControlDepartment.com, is an easy way to remember not only Oak Tree Risk Management Services, Inc., but also describes how we interact with our clients. One department for all seasons. The Loss Control Department supports our clients and your team. Oak Tree Risk Management Services can directly represent an organization. In either case the client gets the benefits of a team approach to their service.

Risk Control does not operate in a vacuum. A measure of controlling hazards can affect the frequency and severity of potential losses. Our goal is to assist your organization to reduce accidents all together. If a loss does occur it could affect the net income of a company. Pre-planning can even help to reduce the cost of a loss if the emergency is anticipated. You can be ready for the potential experience with even little pre-planning.

The uncertainty an organization faces in the loss of net income can come from most anywhere. The direct cost of a loss can be minimal to the overall cost to a company as that of the potential of indirect costs such as loss of personnel, suppliers, customers and the general publics perception of the organization. The indirect liabilities could easily be greater than the direct loss itself, even in only minor employee injuries.

The staff of Oak Tree Risk Management have over 30 years experience in Safety and Loss Control disciplines. We are able to draw from the experience of thousands of different organizations to address problem solving. We have been part of the OSHA outreach Train the Trainer program since 1995 and providing defensive driving instruction since 1975.

By combining diverse industry knowledge with in-depth technical expertise, Oak Tree Risk Management Services concentrates on producing strategies, services and products that meet business demands to do more with less.

OTRMS will help develop a needs program for your organization by evaluating the exposures your organization must face. We review your exposures and work with your as if we are your loss control department.

Exposures that may not have been considered a potential liability in the past, may become one in the future. Our staff is known for its creative approach and strategies in providing Risk Control and Loss Control services to our clients.