Oak Tree Risk Management Services, Inc.

Any organization's value is measured in is ability to produce a valued product or service.

The environment any organization has to function in is complex with interconnecting sets of relationships and systems involving staff, facilities, transportation services, products, and contract associates, which can all affect the safe guarding of an organizations natural resources. The formulating and implementing of assessments with controls can help secure the organizations assets and income potentials.

As an added benefit to sound risk management and staff safety, it is not unusual to increase net income with increases in production and the reduction of expenses. This can be done by reducing the hidden over head expenses associated with accidents and injuries. A $250 first aid bill can easily cost a company in the thousands of dollars that they never see. OTRMS has developed tools that can help identify some of these expenditures. Such as, but certainly not limited to, loss of production, over time for make up, supervisory over sight of production, loss of machinery, tools, equipment, cost of rehire or adding contract labor, etc. Let's not forget the pain and suffering of the injured employee and their losses.

Virtually any change in an organization's operations can alter its loss exposures, increasing some and reducing others, thereby requiring shifting the mix of current risk controls that are in place. History has shown us that an activity or business practice once acceptable to an organization can become a new exposure threatening its future. The same as the safety program needs to be reviewed on a regular basis, an organizations risk management program should have a check-up on a regular basis.

Oak Tree Risk Management Services is not an insurance company, insurance or securities agency. OTRMS is a service that works with your company.